Horse Betting Tips: Beyer Speed Figures

Knowing how fast a horse ran in its previous races is an important part of deciding which horse to bet on. While there are many factors that a bettor needs to consider, Beyer Speed Figures are the best way to figure out the measure of how well a horse did in its previous races. Since Beyer Speed Figures allows the comparison of performances from different distances and tracks, it is a handy tool that is essential for a bettor to separate horses worth betting on and horses that will just be a waste of money

Bettors that can understand the importance of Beyer Speed Figures have a distinctive edge over bettors that are still clinging to the outdated mode of raw final times. It may take some time to develop an eye for catching the patterns that are revealed by the Beyer Speed Figures, but once a bettor has a good grasp on the analysis of these figures they will find themselves with more wins and a better betting record.

Beyer Speed Figures provide a better tool than raw final times to decide which horse to bet on, since they include an analysis on the speed and depth of the racing surface at the time of the race. This means that it shows how well a horse did taking all the environmental factors into consideration, and not just churning out raw data for untrained bettors to then try to analyze themselves. They are designed to be able to predict how well a horse will do on various tracks and distances. This saves the bettor a lot of time and effort, and still allows them to make a informed decision.

While the Beyer Speed Figures do a considerable job at improving a bettor’s ability to analyze a horse’ performance, it is important to remember that they only measure raw ability. They unfortunately do not yet take into consideration other factors like a horse’s track biases and weather conditions. While distance does play a part in the Beyer Speed Figures, it doesn’t necessarily have an accurate representation on how well a horse will do on a long track versus a short track. A horse that does well in long distance may not have the time to build up their speed in a short track, and a horse that does well on a short track may grow tired more quickly on a long track.

A bettor who will be successful at using the Beyer Speed Figures in their betting will know how to take into account the variables that the figures do not. They understand that the top horse on the figures is usually over bet, and will use the patterns the figures provide in order to find overlays. They take into account factors such track biases shown by horses, trainers, jockeys and weather conditions, and are able to use the Beyer Speed Figures as one helpful tool in their arsenal, not the deciding factor alone.

The History of craps

The word Craps, the title of the game, originates from the French way of pronouncing the word Crabs, which nicknamed Hazard’s previous game. During the eighteenth century the game developed, and Hazard was played by nobility in Europe prior to its arrival in America via Arcadia, the French colony of Louisiana.

Bernard de Mandeville from New Orleans, adapted the game of Hazard in 1813 into a more simple form, and converted it into the first issue of the Craps game. This new version of Hazard moved along the Mississippi River by steamboat, and became distributed throughout Northern America. However, there was a big flaw in Mandville’s game of Craps, and it was that the game was exposed to using fixed dice because of the rules it used in betting. The problem was solved by John H. Winn, who brought in the option for players to places bets on right or wrong in the Craps’ table’s layout, where there was also a place for bets of the Don’t Pass type. The game went through a revolutionary change due to his adaptations, which enabled participants to place bets against or for the roller by removing the efficacy of fixed dice.

If we go back further into history, there are those who think that Craps was invented by legionnaires in the Roman army during the time of the Holy Roman Empire, when they played with pig knucklebones formed into cubes. For their enjoyment they would roll the bones onto their shields.

Soldiers during the Second World War also apparently played Craps in its new mode as a form of fun, which increased greatly in popularity as a method for them to relieve themselves of war’s boredom. As casino Craps took conquered the world of gambling, even films used the game in their scripts.

During the course of time, especially in the 1990s, the Craps game became considerably less popular as casino specials such as the slot machines which started attracting the gambling majority. Just lately, the game of Craps has been displaying signals of a revival in the gambling sphere since the 21st century’s advent. The progress in technology, for instance, the possibility to play Craps on the Internet, has also aided Craps revival.

You can be certain of one thing, namely, Craps has been played for centuries and in the gambling tradition will go on maintaining a place of importance.

Roulette rules and tips

Though roulette is not a complicated game to play, it is imperative to be aware of all the rules first. This is especially the case when placing high bets. Additionally, it is also useful if not important to be aware of the formal manner and etiquette when playing at a roulette table.

The first thing to know is the table minimum. For example of the table minimum is five dollars, then you have to place five dollar bets on any of the outside bets and a minimum of five dollars in total on your inside bets.

Also important to know, before you endure any confusion is the use of chips. In North America, roulette requires different chips to the standard table casino games. Additionally, each player has his own color chips. This is for the dealer to differentiate and identify between the players and their bets. These chips are useless at other casino games. The dealer will exchange them for the regular chops when you request this of him or her.

You need to indicate to the dealer the value of the chips you would like. For example on a table with a five dollar minimum, generally, the smallest chip is a one dollar.

Roulette is not a fast game. The crowds that enjoy a faster pace are normally found somewhere at the craps tables. Placing the bets is what makes the game slow. When placing a bet, is isn’t important that someone has already placed their chips in the box where you would like to place your bet. Thanks to different colored chops, is possible to place your bet alongside some ones else’s.

Don’t feel the need to rush you bet placing. Roulette allows for much time to choose where you would like to place your bet, for the best UK online roulette games we reccomend live dealr casinos were you can see all the action. Additionally, you can continue placing bets while the wheel is spinning.  A sign to stop placing bets is made by the dealer when he waves his hands over the table. Once he has done this it is imperative you stop placing your bets. Occasionally, the dealer will also tell the player out loudly “no more bets”.

When the ball has come to rest on a specific pocket the dealer will call out the winning number and indicate it clearly by placing a marker on the number. The table is swept clean and the winner receives his award. However don’t begin placing bets until the dealer has authorized it.

Online casino software guide

Online casino software is not usually produced by well-known Internet online casinos. The software services provided by genuine and renowned software producers are usually preferred, for they have specific dealings with Internet online casino gaming companies and supply the online casinos with their specific services. Of course, this is because these software firms are very capable and dexterous in their specific fields and maintain a real concern in keeping up their prestigious record and not fall foul of unlawful acts. Their capability to continue to be number one in the provisions online casino market is dependent on their familiarity in immediate auditing and examining any possible and worrying malfunctions in random number generation. In an instant the casino can contact myriads of online casino players if in playing a danger happens. Furthermore, a fault can be posted on the Internet sites by gaming auditors and reviewers.


By checking out the online casino provider you can ensure the quality of the online casino software in a relatively easy manner. Only a small number of online casino suppliers such as these actually exist. In regard to the online software you can check it out with the casino’s support service.


Aspects which are worthwhile checking out in an online casino are confidentiality and technical safety. It’s also worth remembering to inspect that the Internet casino maintains well kept security arrangements and use the latest systems to assure that there both you and the online casino Internet site have secrecy and safe financial modes of transactions.    

Online roulette – A closer look

Online rouletter is a close relative of the typical casino game. Although, there are some distinct differences. Firstly, is the environment. The land based casino does their best to distract you in many and every way. Mostly, they are very successful in this. Nevertheless, it is these distractions that encourage players to have such a good time at the casinos. These include: competitions; booze; high stakes; etc. these things dis-encourage players to try out online roulette.

Firstly, the face to face experience and competition. Roulette is not a very competitive game. Therefore, you are not playing against any opponent other than lady luck. Therefore, to play online at home where you are able to set the tone of the game and prevent the distraction of the environment is a positive one. Unlike games such as blackjack or poker where you are playing against other competitors, roulette really has little competition between players.

the casino game give players a sense of security that the game is indeed random. Firstly the player can witness the ball, secondly the ball is knocked around by specially designed bumps and obstructions before it is allowed to settle. In this way, players don’t feel entirely ripped off by the casino. This feeling can be lost on online roulette. Playing a digital game via the internet doesn’t feel as secure as watching the ball with your own eyes. Nevertheless, casino with reputable reputations can be trusted with this issue.

Genting Casino Review

Genting Casino is an online casino owned by Genting, the huge gaming corporation based in Asia. Genting owns a number of online casinos, but it also has land-based casinos and resorts on its books in the UK and Asia. It initially debuted with the Circus Casino brand in 2008, before switching focus to the Genting Casino in 2010.

The focus for the Genting Casino is offering the same VIP service it provides through its land-based resorts. As a company and casino operator, it has all the necessary licencing and certificates for top-notch security. With the use of Playtech software and a comprehensive customer support team, this company has a history for providing an excellent casino experience.

Casino Games

The Genting Casino has a selection of over 150 games, all using the latest Playtech software. As part of its offering, it includes classic casino table and card games like baccarat, blackjack, and keno. A number of specialised slots exclusive to Playtech also come as part of the package. These include Frankie Dettori’s Seven, Blade, X-Men, and Gladiator. There are also huge jackpots available through its progressive slots games.

It regularly adds new games to its arsenal. It is amongst the small group of casinos that receives Playtech’s latest creations before anyone else.

Deposits and Promotions

Genting Casino offers an array of welcome bonuses. Some of its deposit bonuses are amongst the best in the industry. This includes a £1,000 bonus complete with match bonus of 100% up to a total of £150 on the first deposit. This goes down to 50% up to £100 for the next deposit, but the difference is this remains in place for the following six deposits, before going up to the first deposit bonus on the ninth deposit.

It has a variety of bonuses specific to certain games, such as blackjack. The only way to access these bonuses is to enter the special code. These codes appear on various websites and through its newsletter service.

There are also a number of initiatives in place. One of these is the Jackpot Millions Race Chase. To win, players must wager a certain amount on a specific game. It encourages players to try something new with the chance of winning thousands of pounds. Take note, this campaign changes regularly.

Gamblers can also take advantage of the special VIP club. It consists of multiple levels aimed at providing regular rewards for veterans of the casino.

Transactions and Customer Support

Gamblers have a wide range of options for depositing and withdrawing their money. Genting includes all the traditional credit and debit card methods, as well as a number of more obscure options like Ukash, Click & Buy, and Neteller.

The customer support options are everything players would expect from a major operator like Genting. It is a 24/7 service with fax, email, phone, and live chat options. All their representatives have a thorough working knowledge of the casino and its mechanisms. They are always there to help and they have no issues with resolving any complex problems.

Double odds in craps

Although right craps bettors represent most of the craps players, strategically, to bet wrong has the identical capability to bet right when it comes to winning. In actual fact, a tiny edge to the benefit of wrong betting exists, so that the odds are fundamentally identical. Nevertheless, craps participants sense a certain discomfort in having to put down odds, namely, placing extra money on free odds more than winnings can earn.


On the craps Don’t Pass Bar begin by placing a two unit wager, that is ten dollars or two chips. Assuming you win with a craps, take your winnings but keep down the original ten dollar wager. Assuming a craps natural, that is a seven or eleven, turns up and you have a loss, place on the Pass Line another ten dollar wager. Lay a complete double odds on your wager the moment you have established a point. You are placing more than you can win when you lay odds. Assuming craps four or ten are the points, forty dollars for a possible payout of twenty dollars, namely, two to one, would be the result for lay odds. Assuming the point to be five or nine, thirty dollars for a possible payout of twenty dollars, namely, three to two, would be the result for lay odds. Assuming the point to be six or eight, twenty four dollars for a possible payout of twenty dollars, namely, six to five, would be the result for craps lay odds.


On the craps Don’t Come, it’s the time to make a ten dollar bet. Pursue the identical craps rules above and make certain to lay the complete double odds the moment your Don’t Come point is set up. After this wager, with complete double odds place another ten dollar Don’t Come bet. Having now one number on the craps Don’t Pass Line and two on the Don’t Come wagers you have three numbers acting against you.


On the assumption that you get stuck in craps Cold Roll, you should exploit this by performing in addition a craps Don’t Come wager. Finally, you have to double your first wager of two units by laying a twenty dollar wager on the Don’t Come in preference to the ten dollars. However, only perform this craps move after you are leading by a minimum of twenty units, in this instance, one hundred dollars.


Note Well! Only raise your craps wager during a Cold Roll, and keep in mind that in craps, the edge is always with the house.

Golden Cherry Casino Review

Even though the United States has worked to stop online gambling at every turn, there are still some online casinos that persist even in these tough times for the gambling industry. The Golden Cherry Casino is one place offering enjoyment for US players and other international players. It is one of the few casinos open to every country in the world, and it is no surprise with all the exciting bonuses and attractive casino games bringing thousands of gamblers to the Golden Cherry Casino.

Unsurprisingly, this casino uses the traditional casino themes of gold and red. It actively opts to keep things traditional and aims to bring people back into the golden casino days of yesteryear. With a friendly customer support team and a number of other exciting features rewarding both novice and veteran players on a regular basis, this is definitely an Internet casino to take note of.

Promotions, Bonuses, and More

This casino is known widely for its bonuses offering real value for money. There are no issues with stringent terms and conditions here, although players should read them before claiming any of these bonuses.

Slots players are definitely welcome within the Golden Cherry Casino. One of its most lucrative bonuses is all new players gaining up to $3000 free on their first deposit. It is a 300% match bonus and applies to over 120 top slots games powered by Rival. Moreover, the new i-Slots machines also appear under these bonuses, so gamblers can enjoy the latest slots games safe in the knowledge their bonuses still apply.

As of this writing, the casino is continuing its special $888 Welcome Bonus offer. It rewards new players with $888 during their first two deposits. This offer applies to the rest of its casino games and gives a 50% match bonus up to a maximum of $444 on the first deposit, with the offer repeating itself on the second deposit. This is a particularly valuable bonus since it allows players to test out the casino before committing a massive amount of money to the cause. Furthermore, it allows them to get a feel for what is on offer without having to give up a potential bonus.

The account managers for the casino also participate in the action. Every week they send some players additional cash bonuses; which is done at random. VIP players receive exclusive bonuses and enhanced promotions. This is the most lucrative advantage of being a member and enables them to override the house edge, in some cases.

Recently, two exclusive bonuses have appeared within the Golden Cherry Casino. Players who register by signing up through the site get a free $20 chip with no deposit required. They can use this chip in any game they want. Another bonus for performing the same action is free spins for 30 minutes on any slots game up to a maximum value of $333.

In order to withdraw anything earned from bonuses, players must fulfil the 40 x playthrough requirements. This is in line with many other casinos and does not offer anything special, although bonus hunters can still claim a large amount of money by opting for the Golden Cherry.

Software and Games

Rival is the software provider of choice for the Golden Cherry range of games. What stand out are the advanced i-Slots games, but they also feature many of the classical slots games gamblers know and love. It features a gaming collection running into the hundreds, which can effectively compete with the majority of other online casinos.

The i-Slots games themselves are so revolutionary due to the fact they add an animated spin to proceedings. Popular games like Heavyweight Gold and Rock On are highly recommended with their crisp and clean graphics.

Whilst it specialises in slots games, it has a selection of table games encompassing traditional craps, roulette, and baccarat. The jackpots in these games are very generous and really reward players who get lucky. The payouts for these games stand at an industry average of 95.6%.

To download this software is merely a matter of clicking a link and waiting for the download to finish. Install it and get playing. It is simple to navigate and use, so playing for real money is something new players can begin with straight away. There is no need for a learning period when playing with the Golden Cherry Casino!

Customer Support

The customer support options follow the industry standard of a 24/7 service. Where it makes its mark, though, is in its live chat and toll-free services. It means players can get in touch with a customer support agent in the way they want without having to pay anything. The support agents available are generally skilled at what they do and have no problems with answering any queries. It is always worth talking to these individuals even if the problem is very similar since they are always patient and willing to help.

Forum Views

The views of customers are overwhelmingly positive throughout the message boards of the Internet. The only problem is the lack of bonuses for more experienced players. Some people complain most of their bonuses are designed for newer players and veteran players are left out in the cold. This seems like a matter of opinion; however, as many more players tout their lucrative bonuses and regular holiday deals. Overall, in the eyes of the majority of gamblers it is a casino that does business in the right way.


The Golden Cherry Casino is a quality online gambling establishment. It is not a gambling utopia as things like its average payout remains at the industry standard, but its attention to detail and good selection of games means there are few casinos that overtake it for its gameplay. Choosing Rival to provide and maintain its games is a decision that surprised many with providers like Playtech open for business, but it appears to have paid off.

Gamblers who choose the Golden Cherry Casino can expect to acquire fantastic bonuses and a comprehensive support system. No player ever feels left alone when they play in this Internet casino.